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The Made

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The Made
The Calling Series

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Emera's tale is nothing close to Cinderella's for her prince covets only his maid's
pheromones which is necessary for him to live.

With every joining with the Fifth Son, Emera feels herself falling for her alien lover until a night of strange, hungering desires, starts a metamorphosis that changes Emera into something neither human nor Wendh. Before Emera is given answers, she becomes separated from him.

Alone for the first time in her life, Emera must learn to control her Wendh gifts until she can make her way back to her prince.

During her journey, she dangerously learns the joys of freedom as she is joined by Tokie, an ancient, impish being who dwells in the form of an angelic child. Together they discover that Emera’s life is the key to saving a lost love between a king and his queen, stopping a war between father and son, and changing the social order of Wendh and humans--master and slave.


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