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Ruby, Flesh & Heart

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Ruby, Flesh and Heart

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El'Zandria: the legend.

The Floresse Kingdom's eternal darkness is finally coming to an end, and it's up to the Tenth Maiden to bring back the sun. El'Zandria had always envied the Maidens who had gone before and had been granted a single wish, along with eternal youth, for solving the riddles of the one who cursed their land. However, she soon discovers that wishes don't come without a price.

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Genessa: the legend seeker.

With her head in the clouds, she has always dreamed of the time when the world was filled with castles, treasure and magic. And one day, she gets a glimmer of hope that such things still exist. Following after a vision, Genessa walks in the footsteps of the legendary El'Zandria, but finds out that fables are not always told in its entirety.

Both must battle the greed and desires of men, and acquire the love that their hearts so desperately seeks.



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