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The Calling Series

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Hired to steal, if the price is right, Jetta uses her Wendh abilities to acquire a new name among the lowlife. But being half Wendh has its disadvantages--it makes her susceptible to its sexual, uncontrollable needs. The overpowering urge jeopardizes what should have been a simple cate, and she winds up, reluctantly, on the front door of the most powerful Minions controlled by the leader of all organized crime--the Ja’pah.

Somehow her cate has something to do with the Ja’pah and his plans, and the Minions want her to tell them what she knows. But what information can she provide when she doesn't know what they want? They decide to keep her close until they can retrieve their answer, forcing her to work for them.

In the mean time, Jetta’s hunger is growing and becoming unquenchable, and one of the Minions has the answer to stop it, but which one? The Minions aren’t talking. And each deadly cate brings her closer to the truth, which has her lifeline intermix with saving the lives of all the species of the Four Quadrants.


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Chapter 1 Reuss
Chapter 2 The Cate
Chapter 3 Interrogation
Chapter 4 Examined
Chapter 5 Release & Betrayed
Chapter 6 Home
Chapter 7 Hilarious Calling
Chapter 8 Meteoroids
Chapter 9 Minions
Chapter 10 Negotiations
Chapter 11 Truth
Chapter 12 Jancso
Chapter 13 Isdol
Chapter 14 Clarifications
Chapter 15 Fader
Chapter 16 Imperial
Chapter 17 The Beginning


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