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The Calling Series

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The Professor is to Aleisis and her sisters: their God, their father, their tormentor, and their lover. And who is their mother? Well, let’s just say she is the feces, the excrements, of the Renavid district.

Pieced together from DNA woven from several dozen species: Vegan, Metz, Phoye and Aleisis are the end products of the Professor’s experiments. They are hidden from society, living in the sewer's maze that made up their entire world. "You are safe here," the Professor says, warning of the dangers of the Above. Yet in his hands, they are tortured; injected with substances while the Professor impassively watches them react to the agents.

Until they could take it no more.

Lying in a pool of blood, the Professor needs help and the four sisters will only find it by going to the place they have only read about. Above.

Is the world really dangerous for them, or are they dangerous for the world?


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Chapter 1 - Pedagogue
Chapter 2 - Caught
Chapter 3 - Uncontrolled Enforcers
Chapter 4 - Tokan
Chapter 5 - Aide
Chapter 6 - Cures
Chapter 7 - Passions
Chapter 8 - Order
Chapter 9 - Escape
Chapter 10 - Clouds
Chapter 11 - Sisters
Chapter 12 - The Search
Chapter 13 - History
Chapter 14 - Renavid
Chapter 15 - Persuasion Cover
Chapter 16 - Mates
Chapter 17 - Something Bad
Chapter 18 - Tokie's Cate
Chapter 19 - Departures


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